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Kingfisher Postpones (or Cancels) Entry Into Oneworld Alliance

Bad news if you’re an American Airlines flyer with ties to India who was looking forward to Kingfisher’s entry into Oneworld (that’s, what, 7 people?): the airline has postponed its entry into the alliance to focus on its perilous financial situation.

The airline has been canceling flights left and right as it wrestles with a cashflow problem (The problem? Not enough cashflow. Har.) More ominously, ATR canceled a 38-plane order from the Indian carrier, saying that Kingfisher did not make pre-delivery payments as expected.

Unfortunately for Oneworld, this leaves a huge hole in their route map, as none of their members has a significant presence in India.

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  1. Not to nitpick, but none of the alliances have a “significant presence in India”. In fact, OneWorld has the most reach in India because BA flies to the most cities. (plus, AA partners with Etihad which has significant access)

    • It’s not a nitpick, and it’s a good point. When I wrote it I was thinking about Air India’s entry (eventually?) into Star, and Lufthansa’s decent presence there. Etihad, although not part of Oneworld, is an AA partner, and they’ve certainly got a strong presence there.

      Everyone is still looking for a domestic partner, and Kingfisher would’ve helped with that, but you are correct…

  2. I agree – I think Jet would make a terrific catch for any of the alliances. We went to India recently (on a combination of CX/LH/LX) and would have killed for some (reasonable) redemption options within India on one of the three alliances.

    Btw, its probably been said before, but I really appreciate the effort you put into coming up with unique content on the blog – it really stands out from the rest of the pack.

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