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Dear God, Make It Stop: PEOPLExpress Will Re-Launch

If you’re like millions of people, you’ve probably been sitting around for the past 25 years wondering, “When will someone bring back PEOPLExpress? I’ve really missed their lowfares, as well as their absolutely disastrous employee relationships, their canceled flights, their bus depot-like facilities at the North Terminal in Newark, their buy-on-board tickets, their 50 cent coffee, and so many other great perks. In fact, all that complaining we now do about paying to check baggage and buying food on board came from PEOPLExpress, so I really hope someone can revive that once-great airline.”

Your prayers have now been answered.

For some reason, a group is trying to re-launch PEOPLExpress out of Newport News, Virginia. I’ll give them this: their livery is pretty cool.

Oh, where to start. Let’s start with this odd snippet from their website:

Our mission is to provide safe, affordable flights on a convenient schedule to regions that are underserved as a result of the consolidations and mergers of the major carriers. It’s unfortunate but true.

I think that “it’s unfortunate but true” is related to what they wrote next, but I liked it referring to their mission to provide safe flights.

The idea is to fly from Newport News (yes, Newport News) to Newark, West Palm Beach, and Providence on 737-400s. Yes, that’s old-school 737s.

They also want a simplified pricing structure (just like PE had, until they realized they were drowning and had to manage their pricing just like everyone else) and they’d like to avoid ancillary fees, which is exactly the opposite of what PE did.

This feels a bit like starting a new car company and calling your first vehicle the Ford Pinto. People don’t remember PEOPLExpress with fondness. While they remember cheap fares, they also remember the cattle-car and paying for a soda. They remember the collapse at the end, and they may remember waiting on hold for 25 minutes to make a reservation. Why try to overcome all of those obstacles? Because, as they say, PEOPLExpress was synonymous with “unsurpassed customer service.” Exactly.

They do have 1 open position as the Social Media Manager (details here). Keep in mind that only 70% of your time, they note, will be focused on social media. The other 30% you’ll be working on “airport and inflight duties” — yes, you’ll be a flight attendant/facebooker/tweeter. Have fun!

(Thanks, Tom!)

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  1. The resurrection of Air Bulgaria. I can’t wait.

  2. Jared,

    This was laugh out loud funny ; kind of reminds me when an airline out of Dubai launched its low-cost solution for flights to the Asian sub-continent and far East. I won’t mention the name of the airline, but they just recently changed their tagline to “Hello Tomorrow” (talk about being corny!) Low cost airlines just ruin the reputation of the already fledgling airline industry. Another re-launch won’t hurt…or will it?


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