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Do NOT Park at EZWay Parking at Newark Airport

I know that people are always looking for a deal on parking at Newark Airport, and there are a number of lots there that charge $8/day (which is a great deal).

I have parked at EZ-Way before and not had a problem. We pre-paid 1 day in advance. However, when my wife went to retrieve our car today, they told her that they would not honor our rate. He then treated her with absolutely no respect, and raised his voice in front of our children. I was not there, but I am beyond livid.

May I recommend ABC Parking (which is right around the corner) and charges generally around the same rates. I know I will certainly never park at EZWay again.

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  1. thx for the warning. why wouldn’t they honor the rate?

    • They said we did not have the coupon. I emailed the coupon to my wife, and they said they needed the actual coupon. I offered to fax it to them. They said they did not have a fax. But their website has the fax on it.

      My bigger issue was that they treated my wife like crap.

  2. With so much competition from other car parks near Newark that also offer coupons (Vista and SkyPark for example), and the fact that so many people post travel experiences online and so many others read and make decisions based on them, this seems to be short sighted from a business point of view. I posted a nice reviiew of a hotel recently and it was viewed by over 500 people in the first week.

    It’s not like they were saying they didn’t have a coupon. What did they gain? A few extra dollars. What will it cost, based on this post alone? Surely more than that. Shortsighted !

  3. Not only did they not honor the rate, but also they STOLE our pre-payment money (1 day’s parking, I believe).

  4. I wish I could give zero stars Ti E-Z Way Parking but park at your own risk. I parked there over a long weekend and when I returned, the radio stations were changed and the air conditioner was on the lowest setting. One of the attendants said that it was hot so they were using my car to cool off . On top of that, a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses were stolen out of the car. The guy behind the counter gave me a form to fill out and fax to a different number. Nobody from e-z Way Parking ever called not even after I followed up with them Never again will I park there .

  5. TAY AWAY FORM THIS EZ WAY PARKING LOT!!! It’s all a scam; similar to what Ryan Air has been up to in that if you don’t have anything on a piece of paper, before you park, OR ESPECIALLY after you arrive, they will not honor your discount. Imagine…they have no record of your transaction, even if you placed a prepayment and will be required to pay the full amount, which in my case was doubled! My paper copy (email) had been dissolved in a rain overseas, but I did have 2nd folded copy in one of my suitcases somewhere. After rude staff tried to tell me they had no software for transaction storage, (even Mickey D’s has a copy of your order to check in case you didn’t get fries), no web service to check my email, no fax machine, and no management to call and complain to, I relented and opened suitcases in a drizzle at night under a small parking light. What degrading treatment of your customers! BUT IF YOU HAVE BEEN ALREADY SCAMMED, don’t worry. Keep your email copy and challenge the charge when your statement credit card bill arrives. Your card company will not pay EZ WAY but send you a claim form. Fill out the form and send a copy of your EZ Way Parking contract and you will get the proper charge, or with luck, not have to pay at all, which hopefully will help drive a shady operation like this out of business. Along with accounts of debts, thefts, and joy riding in your car, pay more and be safe elsewhere at another lot. But it couldn’t hurt to ask how they handle their transactions first. FLUSH OUT ALL PREDATORS!!!! :twisted:

  6. Do not park at E-ZWay parking. When our driver dropped us off at the airport, he got miffed when I offered him a couple of dollars for a tip and told us he was insulted. When we got back from our trip they told us our car had a flat tire when I drove in. I changed the tire and inspected it, there was a 2 inch knife cut in the sidewall – there was absolutely no way I could have driven in like that, it was not a slow leak. I faxed their loss department twice per their website instructions to file a claim and no one ever got back to me. I called and left messages numerous time and they never returned my call. It’s obvious they don’t care what happens to your car, we are out $145 for a new tire for our van.

  7. Forgot to add to my post, my wife and I strongly believe the driver came back and slashed our tire…but of course they claim it was flat when I came in but there was no evidence of the sidewall rubbing on the ground, which should have been evident if I’d driven in at 60 mph on a flat tire.


  9. Worst service ever. Had to wait for 45 minutes for the shuttle to come. Their location is very far from the airport and take a good 15-20 minutes one way to get there. The attendants are rude, plus they set up their operations in such a way that you will never get their promotional price and will end up paying full price, they are cheats and have many hidden costs involved. Their location is not even in the same city as the airport.

  10. The biggest thiefs they stole lots of stuff of my car and you never can get intouch with anyone they are very unprofessional people I will never ever park at this place again.

  11. Everything was great until I got off the shuttle and saw that my car was not where I parked it. I became extremely upset and thought I must have parked in different location. NO I didn’t my car was being used to jump someone else’s. When I approached the attendant I was very upset I asked who gave him permission to use my car to jump someone else’s he preceded to answer me rudely. I went into the office irrate and complained, I filed a report and the attendant came in and through my keys and again spoke to me rudely. I went right back at him and will NEVER EVER PARK THERE AGAIN. NEITHER WILL I EVER RECOMMEND THEM. I am also pretty sure that my car was driven but I can’t prove it because I didn’t write down my mileage when I dropped car off. And my next question was how did they know the other person’s car had a dead battery unless they drove it. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!

  12. Worst. WE always parked here, as it was close, inexpensive and convenient.
    Last time we parked there, we discovered they had used the car to go to Burger King. We stopped the payment with AMEX and filed a police report, as who knew what else they did with our car. Next time we park anywhere we take a picture of the odometer first.
    Plus always use a credit card so you can stop payment.

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