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Download Our Credit Card Management Spreadsheet

I’ve mentioned a few times that if you are getting involved with churning credit cards you will need to keep a spreadsheet to get a handle on your spend, the bonuses, when to cancel, etc.

A number of readers have asked me for a spreadsheet they can use to just that. A reader who is taking advantage of my free credit card churn planning service (plug) sent me all of his credit card data in a fantastic spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet includes space for you to fill in all of the info you need — credit card name, annual fees, bonus miles, spend required, opening date, and more. It automatically calculates the date when the annual fee kicks in, as well as the date you should cancel (11 months out) if you choose to do so.

You can download the credit card management spreadsheet here.

If you have suggestions for improvements or changes, let me know and I’ll update the spreadsheet.

(Thanks, Jim!)

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  1. Perhaps a column for “spend by date” to receive initial bonus?

    • Great idea, I’ve added a column to input the number of days you have to meet the spend, and a column that calculates the date you need to hit the spend.

  2. from my own efforts at keeping track of credit cards and then later wishing i had certain info i might suggest adding columns for “last 4 digits” of card and “credit limit” to help identify the account on your credit report. also, a recommendation for a no-fee card to downgrade to rather than closing the account might be helpful (won’t work if truly churning though).

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