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I’m The Last Person on Earth to Write about the Capital One Venture 100,000 Point Offer

…And because of that, I’ll just let you read about it elsewhere. Except if you’re really lazy, here’s the deal:

Venture card will give you 100,000 points (worth $1,000 in spend, pretty much) if you show you spent $50,000 on one card last year and then put $1,000 on a Venture Card. For any amount under $50k, they’ll give you double the spend in points (ie, $20,000 in spend will get you 40,000 Venture points).

If you did the similar deal last year (except last year they just required that you have 100,000 frequent flyer miles), you’re not eligible.

Keep in mind: although those 100,000 miles equal $1,000 in spend, you cannot use points to partially pay for your travel. In other words, if you want to buy a $1,200 ticket, you cannot use 100,000 miles and put up the rest in cash.

Again, you’ll get more detail on every other blog in the universe, but those are the highlights.

(I don’t get an affiliate bounty from the Capital One Venture card….also, I got the Venture card myself last year, so I won’t be getting it again…)


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  1. Jared, you can actually use the points to partially pay for travel such as airfare and even hotels, if you first charge the airfare or hotel on the card. Then, when you redeem your points as a credit on your account against the charges, you will be given the option to split those charges and redeem points against a portion of the charge.

    • Thanks, Mark. I wasn’t aware of that (as I wrote about a couple of weeks back, I ended up redeeming my remaining points for Target gift cards). I suppose it’s really all the same, since it’s just converting to $$.

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