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5 Best Unadvertised Credit Card Signup Bonuses

We tend to see the same credit card signup bonus deals posted all over the place, but there are a few great signup offers out there that I consider to be unadvertised (either because the affiliate offer isn’t as good, or because the credit card company itself is pushing a less lucrative offer).

I thought I’d share the 5 best unadvertised credit card signup bonuses available today:

- The Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus Visa official offer is for 25,000 bonus points after the first purchase. But if you use this link, you’ll get 50,000 bonus points after the first purchase. (NOW DEAD)

- The Priority Club Visa official offer is for 60,000 bonus points after the first use. But use this link and the offer is for 80,000 bonus points after the first use (I know, there’s no mention of the 80k points, but you’ll get them).

- American Airlines’ 3 credit cards have an unadvertised offer for 50,000 bonus points (plus a couple of lounge passes) after spending $2500 if you apply through this link. Yes, they previously offered 75,000 bonus miles, but that offer has been gone for a while. Or if you’re willing to put a bit more spend on the card ($3000 in 4 months) you can get the 50,000 miles plus a $150 account credit and lounge passes at this link (thanks to reader Isaac for pointing that out). ($150 account credit offer now expired). And now it looks like they’re both dead.

- Marriott offers a 50k bonus with the regular credit card offer, but through this link you can get 70,000 bonus points after first purchase. (According to this Flyertalk thread, everyone who uses that link gets the 70k bonus even though there’s no mention of it on the page).

- Instead of getting 40k points for signing up with the Citi Hilton HHonors card, why not get 50k points through this link. Spend $1500 within 6 months.

And unfortunately one of my favorite unadvertised offers has recently expired – the 30,000 point Chase Freedom offer. It seems to come and go – I’ll write it up when it’s back working again.

(None of the links above are affiliate offers)

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  1. There’s a better version of the AA offer out there that includes a $150 statement credit plus the 50k and lounge passes.

  2. The “Isaac” link for the 50,000 AA card and $150 cash bonus does not seem to be correct.

  3. Great post, thanks Jared!

  4. I hate to say it, but when I click for the actual application for the remaining 50K AA offer, I get a “system eror.” Is that deal dead, too?

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