Earn 15,000 Bonus US Airways Dividend Miles When You Spend $3,750 On Their Credit Card in 3 Months (TARGETED)

I just received an email from US Airways offering this great deal: Put $1,250 on their credit card in April, May and June and they’ll give me 15,000 bonus miles. It appears to be a targeted offer, but I wanted to put it out there so you can check your own email to see if you qualify.

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  1. How often do you use the card? What’s your average monthly spend on it? I received the card in January and spent appr. $200 on seven transactions and stopped using it since Feb. How do I get targeted for this frequent offer?

  2. worldtraveller2

    I may be in the same boat as Globaltrotter, as after I got the card, I didn’t spend on it much after the first few transactions. Also, they only gave me $1000 credit limit! which is the lowest on any card I have ever gotten! with $26,000 being the high on most of my Chase cards. Would like to get targeted, but figure that won’t happen

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  4. What I’d like to know is: which version of the US Airways Mastercard do you have – is it Premier World or simply Platinum? Everyone I know who has the Platinum version has received this offer, but nobody I know with the Premier World version has received it. Can anyone confirm? Has anyone received this offer with the Premier World card?

  5. I didn’t receive this email, but I just received it today by snail mail. :)

  6. My wife just got an email with the same 15K challenge, only for $750/month in Aug/Sept/Oct. Guess who just earned her business?? She has the Premier World version and only spent $10 on it since getting it back in May.

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