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What the Sapphire Change in Signup Bonus Means for You (Hint: Nothing)

It appears that Chase will be reducing the signup bonus on their Chase Sapphire Preferred card from 50,000 points after $3k in spend to 40,000 points after the same spend (a decrease in value of roughly $100). (THE OFFER IS NOW FOR 40,000 POINTS)

The affiliate links (like the one below) are still at 50k, but that will likely change at some point.

Before you freak out, take a deep breath: this change should not alter your credit card strategy at all. You should not break your 90-day churn cycle to jump on this (we’re not talking about a 100k offer here where you might want to consider getting a card outside of that churn cycle). It’s 10,000 points – I know we’re all trying to maximize our frequent flyer miles, but we should be doing that within reason. We’re all going to miss out on deals here or there. Or we’ll chose to forgo a few points because long-term it’s a smarter move. Don’t worry about it.

The credit card/frequent flyer game is a long-term play. Don’t be blinded by short-term decisions. The bonus on this card will likely be dropping – it’s not a big deal. I promise, there are a million more opportunities down the road — every time I think I’ve done every single signup bonus, or transfer deal, or whatever, another one comes along.

Now go use some of those miles and travel somewhere.

(Disclosure: I have an affiliate agreement with Chase).

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  1. Great point – thanks for putting some perspective on this.

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