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An Aside about Radio Reporter Scott Braddock

A quick timeout from the airline world…

I’ve been lucky enough to be interviewed about airlines quite a bit over the years. Recently, I’ve done a bunch of live interviews with a Texas-based radio reporter named Scott Braddock. My interactions with him have been great — he’s funny, knowledgeable, and actually listens to the answers of the questions he asks. While that may seem like an obvious requirement of a reporter, I haven’t found that to be the case.

I also know that he’s well-respected in his field, from what I’ve read he’s a “reporter’s reporter” – fair and inquisitive, showing no bias.

A few months back Scott moved his family from Dallas, where he had a show on KRLD, to a new news station in Houston – News 92. Scott hosted a daily show there, and I’ve been speaking with him regularly at his new home station.

Last week Scott filled in for a friend at a public radio station in Houston and hosted a show where he played clips of an interview he did with a woman who had recently undergone an abortion under new procedures outlined by the State of Texas. By all accounts the interview was objective and non-political.

Scott returned to his station last week and was summarily fired. Station management said it was because he had appeared on another radio show, though Scott has no contract stipulating this, and the other show was on a public station and effectively served as an advertisement for his own show on News 92.

The Dallas Morning News, the Houston Chronicle, and the Texas Observer have all written that the firing was politically motivated.

Here’s the thing: this had nothing to do with Scott’s views on abortion. How do I know this? Both the groups Texans for Life and Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood – who I am going to guess have never agreed on anything – have both come out in support of Scott and asked the station to re-hire him.

This is a pathetic story about how a company has squashed the voice of a reporter doing his job. I hardly consider myself part of the media, but once companies are able to fire reporters because of the stories they cover, we are all in trouble.

If you live in Houston, consider calling News 92 and letting them know how you feel. Anyone who writes or reports for a living needs to feel that they can cover any story without fear of retribution.

That is all…I will now return to telling you how awesome the Chase Sapphire Preferred card is.


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  1. Rick Perry, George W. Bush, and stories like these – all good reasons NEVER to go to Texas.

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