Malaysia Airlines to Children: No Upper Deck Seating for You

For all of you child-free seating zone proponents, Malaysia Airlines has taken the plunge: the airline will not permit children in the upper deck of their A380s, which begin service in July between Kuala Lumpur and London.

The interesting twist is that they are not permitting children from sitting in the ECONOMY section of the upper deck. This was likely done so the business class passengers in the upper deck are not disturbed by kids in the coach section.

Everyone has an opinion on the kid-free section — frankly, I find people who snore far more annoying than children. But for those who want to relax without children around while sitting next to some schmuck snoring for 12 hours, Malaysia Airlines is the way to go.


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  1. I’m sure they did their sums are realized that they can always accommodate families in the lower deck, but they should have implemented this policy discretely, rather than explicitly. Doing it openly they are guaranteed to offend some and the group they will please is very small.

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