2 Very Quick Notes from Chicago

1) I left the W Lakeshore at exactly 5:30am and was AT MY GATE at O’Hare at 5:55am. It’s like we skipped some time-space continuum.

2) Because of the warp-speed taxi ride I stopped by the gate of the 615am (!) flight to LaGuardia (I’m on the 7am). There were seats available, but the gate agent told me it would be $75 to get on the flight. I said that I was Platinum and I believe the fee is waived (as it was waived the prior day when I moved up to the 7am from a later flight). He said that the fee is only waived for 1K and Global Service. The United webpage suggests I am correct. I wasn’t about to argue at 555am about a flight that gets in 45 minutes earlier, but I’m curious – who was right?

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  1. You were definitely correct. The new rules are that Gold, Platinum, 1K and GS have a fee waiver for same-day flight changes.

  2. The question is moot…

  3. You’re right, agent was wrong. You should have pulled out your smartphone, showed him United.com, and asked for a supervisor. Failing that, you should have paid $75 with CC and had UA reverse later. UA agents don’t seem to know some of the CO-based rules (UA didn’t have Plat) and CO agents don’t seem to know UA-based rules (I’ve had PMCO agents tell me RPUs can’t be used on BF routes like EWR-HNL or IAH-LIM). You gotta stand your ground and push, not just for your sake, but for all customers’ sake, so that they learn the rules. If United can’t be bothered to train them, us FT’ers need to take up the challenge and train them. :roll:

    • I normally would’ve stood my ground a bit more, but:

      a) it was before 6 o’clock in the morning and I just didn’t have the fight in me;
      b) My flight was only in 45 minutes; and
      c) I thought there was a possibility I was wrong. Several times I’ve called to confirm a standby in the past month or two and phone reps told me it could only be confirmed in the same fare class. That’s not true. But there appears to be a great deal of confusion about standby after the merger.

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