A Question about Lufthansa A380 Business Class

A question for readers:

I’ll be flying back to New York from Frankfurt in a few weeks, and I have the option of taking either business class on a Lufthansa A380 or on a United (ex-Continental) 777. I know the A380 has the angled lie-flats that drive me nuts and the United 777 has actual lie-flat seats.

I have never flown the A380. My question to readers is this: Is the A380 itself so cool that I should give up some of the comfort found on the 777? I have a little survey thingy below, but if you have additional thoughts, I’d love to hear them in the comments section.

Should I take the Lufthansa A380 or the United 777 back from Frankfurt?

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  1. Take Singapore’s A380 JFK-FRA It’s very nice!!! :mrgreen:

  2. I agree with Bill. And its cheaper than Lufthansa

  3. I see I’m in the minority (so far) but I’d recommend the A380 on Lufthansa for the following reasons: 1) the airplane is worth experiencing for the quiet, the sheer size (wing span longer than front to aft) 2) It’s a day flight so how much actual sleeping will you need to do? 3) Lufthansa service versus UA. Get a seat in the aft section of the upper deck, more intimate. Or you can wait and enjoy the B747-8 in June when Lufthansa rolls out its new truly horizontal 6’5″ Business class seats. That will be really cool.

  4. Yes – Singapore would certainly be option #1. I didn’t mention, though, that I’ll be connecting from BCN and unfortunately the SQ flight leaves at 830am, which is too early to connect to.

    • i have the same problem coming from ZRH. u can get an airport hotel for 80 EUR, so its still cheaper!

      • It’s too late for this trip. But I have an Amsterdam trip in June that I may do that for — the C ticket on SQ to Frankfurt is $3700 round trip, while a C ticket to Amsterdam is $8000. I’d just have to suck up a night at the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport (not the end of the world).

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