Apparently It’s Avios Week, So Here Are 2 Great Ways to Use Those Points on Alaska Airlines

Avios Theme Week ™ amongst us travel bloggers is apparently continuing this week, so I thought I’d throw out some great redemption ideas. Or pretty good redemption ideas (I don’t want to oversell this).

I’ll add to this discussion of using Avios points by noting the great values available when you use them to redeem on some Alaska Airlines routes. Avios doesn’t impose fuel surcharges on Alaska Airlines flights. For example:

Nonstop flights from the West Coast to Hawaii on Alaska are only 25,000 miles round trip in coach and 50,000 in first class. That sure beats spending 40k/75k Alaska Mileage Plan miles or 45k/75k AAdvantage Miles for those flights. Alaska has extensive service to 4 islands from up and down the West Coast.

Flights from California to their strong Mexico network are just 20k/40k round trip (coach/first). Flights from Seattle are just a bit more at 25k/50k, all surcharge-free. Alaska charges 35k/65k using their own miles.

And I believe that will conclude my Avios Theme Week contribution.

Contributions from others include:

For those who didn’t see, One Mile at a Time wrote about how you can use Avios points on Aer Lingus to fly Boston-Dublin for 25k miles round trip in coach (or 50k in business class). The comments section is worth reading, as they commenters are roughly as excited as audience members in the Oprah “You Get a Car You Get a Car You Get a Car” episode.

And a callout to Million Mile Secrets for showing how you can exploit the lack of fuel surcharges on flights out of Brazil to redeem Avios points for fuel surcharge-free tickets from North America to Europe – if you fly from New York to Brazil to London you can avoid the fuel surcharges. It’s a great strategy for those who want the free stopover in Brazil and then continue on to Europe. Or for people who want to fly for 23 hours to go from NY to London.


  1. Jared,

    unfortunately it’s 75k in First Class on Alaska.

    BA charges 3x the economy fare for FC. I even spoke to a supervisor but there seems to be no workaround.

    Economy is a great deal – FC is a terrible one.

  2. No they consider it first class which is absurd but that’s how it is/was as of March 1st.

    It’s different if you have an international business class ticket (i.e. MIA-EZE) then you can use first class but not if you just book domestic first (on AA or Alaska).

  3. Hi Jared, may I ask how do you redeem Avios miles for Alaska airline? Do we just call BA and say that we want to use Alaska airline? Thanks.

  4. When I search on Alaska Air all of the West Coast to Hawaii flights are coming back as 55,000+ miles. Are you searching somewhere else other than Alaska Air?

    • If you use the British Airways calculator (not their flight search – just their calculator that tells you the # of miles required), you’ll see that it’s 25k miles for those flights — you have to call BA to actually book, though.

  5. Got it, thanks!