A Little Tip about Booking Your Family Trip to Maui Using United Miles

I’ve been trying to book a trip to Maui for the 4 of us using United miles, and I wanted to share a little tip:

Hawaiian Airlines (a UA partner) doesn’t make 4 award seats available between Kahalui, Maui (OGG) and Honolulu. That was causing a problem for me getting back from Maui (I wanted to connect in Honolulu to the Newark or Washington nonstops rather than having a short overnight flight to the West Coast).

There is another option that I wanted to pass along: United also partners with Island Air, and Island Air has several flights a day from Kapalua (on the West Coast of Maui, close to the hotels at Kaanapali) to Honolulu, and there is wide open availability for award travel back to Honolulu (5k miles each way) and a good connection back to Honolulu for those East Coast long-hauls. If you’ve tried to book a family trip, you may have run into the issue with Hawaiian Airlines trying to grab 4 award seats. This is an easy way to avoid that.


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  1. good tip. I just booked 4 seats LIH-OGG-KOA for 20k miles…My earlier attempts resulted in long wait times at United and no seats which could be found :(

  2. PointsCashMiles

    Excellent tip – I always dread those overnight flights back to the West Coast. The only problem I see with going this route is that most visitors coming into Maui through OGG will have a rental car that needs to go back to Kahalui. I’ve never priced it but I’m guessing the car rental would be a bit pricier if you want to return it to Kapalua.

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