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3 New Links for Ink Bold 50,000 Point Bonus with Only $5,000 Spend (NOW DEAD)

The current best available offer for the Chase Business Ink Bold® Charge Card is for 25k points after first purchase, then an additional 25k points after $10,000 in spend (application link here – I do get an affiliate bounty via that link).

Previously, they had offered 50k points after $5,000 spend. That offer now appears to be back via these 2 links (neither of these are affiliate links) (SORRY, THESE ARE NOW ALL DEAD):

1) I found this link and this link that offer 50k points after $5,000 spend in 3 months.
2) Million Mile Secrets offers this link with the same deal.

Since these “secret” links come and go quickly, it’s better to have 3 different ones available in case one disappears.

For those who can hit $5k in spend in 3 months, that’s a better deal than the 25k/25k link above. But if you have very low spend, getting 25k points after first purchase beats not getting those points at all.


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  1. Looks like all of them are D-E-A-D.

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