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Targeted Offer: Earn Up to 25,000 Bonus United Miles When You Fly 4 Round Trips (Check Your Email)

I received the targeted email offer below from United (check your inbox!). In short, fly 1 round trip before July 15th and earn 5,000 bonus miles. Fly 2, get 10,000 miles. Fly 4, earn 25,000 miles. It says it’s only available to the recipient, so unfortunately I don’t have an offer code to share.

Promo is only good on tickets booked after you register and flights must be completed by July 15th. Flights July 3-5 don’t count. Flights also must be on United or United Express metal (codeshares operated by other airlines also don’t count).


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  1. Subject line is: “Explore the world with United and earn up to 25,000 bonus award miles”

    I was targeted, even though I’m a 1K with 125k miles booked already this year!

  2. Anyone know if this is valid on pre-existing reservations or new only?

  3. I’m a 1K and got the email, too. I registered (it certainly does NOT look transferable) but my problem is that — unless something comes up — I’ve already bought all my UA tickets for that period. Are their computers good at weeding out pre-bought tickets?

  4. Definitely a targeted promotion. 1K here with multiple trips already planned and purchased during that time frame and my offer was slightly different. Instead of 1, 2, and 4 roundtrips, mine was same mileage bonuses for 2, 3 and 5 roundtrips.

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