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A Quick Thought on Why We’re All Trying to Horde Miles

Lucky at One Mile at a Time writes today about the tinge of disappointment he feels when booking an award that he knows will be easily available.

It’s easy to get jaded with the trips we’re able to take because of the miles we accrue through credit cards and whatnot. But I thought I’d share the other side of this coin:

My parents took a cruise to Paris a couple of weeks ago, and their cruise line booked a return flight for them in coach on American Airlines. My parents deserve better than coach on American Airlines (no seatback TVs???), so I used 25k miles each to upgrade them to business class for their return flight.

Obviously, I’m just an awesome son (wink). They were beyond thrilled. The difference for them between 8 hours in coach and 8 hours in business was the difference between recovering from the flight that day and taking 2 days to recover from the trip home. We can all write about splitting hairs between whether this flat bed seat was better than that one; or whether the pre-departure drink had enough ice. But that is all nonsense. I try to remind myself that I spend all this time gathering miles so I can have experiences I could not otherwise have had. Sometimes that experience is being able to offer friends and family a once (or twice) in a lifetime experience that THEY would not have otherwise been able to have.

It’s easy to get jaded by the comforts of flying up front. But to those who do it infrequently, it’s a trip they’ll never forget. I thought it was worth remembering that those of us who are sitting on a bunch of miles, and who use them to fly all over the place in the front cabin, that we have it really, really good.

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  1. you growns up and you growns up.

    such a nice boy!!!!

  2. Very well written, Jared. When it comes to earning and spending miles, it really does come down to allowing those who would not normally benefit from the free/upgraded tickets.

  3. Your mother and I thanked you personally for you kind gesture, now that you made it public we would like to thank you, in public, for you thoughtful gift.

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