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Earn 10 Ultimate Rewards Points Per Dollar When You Purchase Southwest Airlines Gift Cards with Chase Ink Bold

Want to earn 10 Ultimate Rewards points for every dollar you spend on Southwest Airlines? Here’s how: (Editor’s Note: an earlier version of this post listed this as 7 points…it is actually 10 points)

Chase Business Ink Bold® Charge Card holders earn 5 Ultimate Rewards points when they purchase items from an Office Supply store (such as Staples). If you purchase from Staples by going to the Ultimate Rewards website and clicking on “Earn Faster” and then “Earn Bonus Points at the Ultimate Rewards Mall” you’ll see a link to earn 5x points at Staples. You MUST log in to Ultimate Rewards with your Ink Bold® Charge Card login, not your Sapphire login. Sapphire login will only show 2x points at Staples.

Staples sells Southwest Airlines gift cards. If you click through the Staples link in the Ultimate Rewards mall and purchase those gift cards you’ll earn 5 Ultimate Rewards points for every dollar spent at Staples, plus 5 additional points per dollar because you purchased from an Office Supply store. In total, that’s 10 UR points for every dollar spent.

Those UR points can be transfered to Southwest Airlines or one of their other airline partners (see my full list of redemption airlines here). Where else are you going earn 10 points per dollar for travel?

Staples also sells Marriott gift cards, and you can earn the same 10x bonus, but the Marriott Visa already gives you 5x Marriott points for spend at a Marriott hotel, so the deal isn’t quite as hot, but it’s still solid.

(Credit where it’s due to this FT thread, which was talking about getting a similar, though no longer as good, deal for Marriott)

Chase Ink Bold® Charge Card gives you 25,000 points after first purchase and other 25,000 points after spending $10k.

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  1. Are you sure you UR portal isn’t showing up at 5 points/$ for Staples? Most people with the Ink Bold are getting that amount. The normal UR for Sapphire is getting 2 points/$.

    • You are correct – I had logged in with my Sapphire login (not my Ink Bold login) – I’ll update now. Thanks!

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