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While Everyone (Except Me) Is Anxiously (?) Awaiting the Radisson Promo, Consider…

…just using Radisson Friends and Family Rates instead of bothering with the promo.

What promo, you might ask? Well, how did you miss it. This SlickDeals thread actually has a nice roundup (and unlike certain other boards, its members will not spend hours complaining how bloggers re-post their information) of the promo. In short: On May 14th signup at the links in that thread and you’ll be able to earn up to 138,000 Club Carlson points by staying 1 night each at a Radisson, Park Inn, and Country Inn & Suites. Or earn 50k points at the Radisson and 44k each at the Park Inn and Country Inn.

I’m not going to bother with that because I’m too lazy to actually book a room that I don’t want to get the free nights (they’re requiring you to actually check in and check out). Yes, I admit it. I’m too lazy for this promotion. I’m also too lazy for US Airways Grand Slam. Sue me.

Anyway, I bring this up because if you’re also too lazy, you can get amazing rates day-in-and-day-out at Radisson Hotels when you book through their Friends and Family page (details in this earlier post).

How amazing? I see a $279 rate at the Radisson Warwick in Philadelphia. The F&F Rate is $80. Yeah, that amazing.

Yes, I know, Radissons in the US tend to be less-than-stellar. But Radissons overseas are quite nice. The Radisson Blu in Amsterdam is 179 Euro for their regular rate, or 80 Euro with Friends and Family. Can’t beat that, right?

So I’ll be sitting out the Radisson promo (don’t be ashamed if you skip it, either…don’t let the other blogs get you down!), and I’ll just hop on the F&F page when I need a cheap room at the Radisson.

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  1. When I look at the rate details using friends and family, it says “Please note – employee name and work location will be required at time of check-in.” Not sure how I would be able to get this rate, since I don’t work for them, even though I may be a “friend”.

  2. But the question is, if I use the Friends and Family rates do I still qualify for the 138K points?

  3. Good Lord, man, this is awesome. I need a hotel in Philly in that area this fall, and the rate is awesome. Thanks!


  4. do you earn points at all using that rate?

    also, the dates and location i’m looking for say that offer is not available. does that mean it will never be available or are there blackout dates? i’m looking in august, so is there a chance that will change?

    • You don’t earn points with F&F. I believe I’ve seen the F&F rates change. It’s worth keeping an eye on it to see if it opens up.

  5. the night i’m looking, the park inn amsterdam airport is €63 with the regular rate and €80 with F&F, but the radisson blu downtown is pricing out like you said…weird.

    anyway, are you sure at fancy radisson blus that go for >$200 per night, no one will interrogate you about knowing someone?

    • You won’t get interrogated. Radisson’s parent company owns tgifridays. You could know someone who works there. Or look at my original post that I linked to and it has a list of Radisson employees. it’s not like they will call someone in the middle of the night to ask.

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  7. F&F rate is great, BUT, the nicer more popular Carlsons always have it “unavailable for date selected”. Always.

    You do not get any points with the F&F rate so please, no one use it for this promo !

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