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(NOW DEAD) Chase Ink Cash Business Card: Secret $300 Cash Back Link

(THIS OFFER IS NOW DEAD) This isn’t a blockbuster, but I wanted to pass along:

Bloggers (myself more than included) talk frequently about the Chase Business Ink Bold® Charge Card, primarily because (at least until recently) you could get 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points after $5,000 spend (it’s now 25k on signup, then 25k after $10,000 spend). I don’t write much about cash back cards, but if you are a business owner looking for a cash back card, you could do worse than the Chase Ink Cash card.

The benefits are that you get 5% cash back on office supplies, landline, cellphone and Internet (up to $25,000 in spend); 2% on dining and gas; and 1% on everything else. They come in the form of a points system, but basically you’re getting cash back. Also, there’s no annual fee. The Capital One Spark Business Cash card gives you 2% on everything, but there’s a $59 fee after the first year. You can do the math yourself about which card makes more sense for you. Frankly, you’re probably better off with the Chase Business Ink Bold® Charge Card, but if you’re looking for pure cash back on a business card, this is a good one.

The normal offer is for $100 cash back at signup, then $150 additional cash back after $5,000 in spend in 3 months.

However, I found this link that gives you $100 cash back at signup, then $200 cash back after $5,000 in spend in 3 months. Is that a huge deal? No (I told you that in the first sentence, cut me some slack). But $50 is $50, and if you were thinking of applying for this card, you’ll take the extra $50. Figured I’d just pass along since I found the link with the better offer.


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  1. I noticed that earlier today too in that egregiously long list on milepoint. How did you come about it?

    Be wary that Chase apparently routinely thoroughly scans blogs and forums for the publicized hyperlinks, and they WILL deactivate those…

    • Hi…what egregiously long list on Milepoint?

      Yes, they have been known to deactivate, but those $200 Freedom links I posted last week are still live, so perhaps no one is reading this site :)

      • I tried to call/SM Chase to match the freedom offer, was shot down twice. What to do, any advice? I signed up for the card 3 weeks ago.

  2. This long list:

    Is it possible to get chase to match the 30,000 points freedom offer (by phone) provided that I got the 20,000 deal in the last month?

    • Wow, if that list were on FT, they would lose their shit to see it posted elsewhere.

      I haven’t heard of people getting Chase to match that 30k Freedom offer if you already have the deal.

  3. The Ink Bold gives 2x on Hotel and Gas, not Dining and Gas.

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