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American Airlines Adds a Couple of New Benefits to Their Business Credit Card

I know a bunch of people have American Airlines business credit cards sitting around as part of their (now-every-18-month) American Airlines card churn, so I thought I’d pass along that they’ve actually added a couple of new benefits to the card:

- First checked bag is now free for you and 4 others.
- You’ll earn double miles on office supplies, telecom and car rental.
- When you renew your card, you’ll get a 5% bonus on the previous year’s spend (effectively letting you earn 1.05 points on every purchase, and 2.10 points on the bonus categories above, though that’ll cost you the $95 annual fee).
- Priority boarding
- 25% off in-flight purchases
- You’ll get a $99 companion certificate after you spend $30,000 annually (weak!)

(UPDATE: I spoke with the AAdvantage folks, and existing cardmembers CAN get these new benefits by calling the number on the back of your card and ask to be upgraded to the CitiBusiness AAdvantage World Mastercard that includes these new perks.)


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  1. Did you see somewhere that this included current cardholders? The information I got shows the new benefits only for the NEW CitiBusiness AAdvantage World Mastercard. I can’t find anything saying it will apply to the Business Visa or for people who already have the card.

    • Hi – I just updated the post, but yes — existing cardmembers just have to call Citi and ask to be upgraded to the card with the new benefits.

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