Swedish Airline Skyways Express Goes Bankrupt, Ceases Flying

Small Swedish airline Skyways Express has gone bankrupt, shutting down operations as of today.  Its regional partner, City Airline (that’s a catchy name right there), has also closed down.

Remember the Danish airline Cimber Sterling that closed a couple of weeks ago?  No?  I mentioned it here. The same investor group who owned that now-closed airline also owned Skyways and once Cimber Sterling shut down, it was pretty much over for Skyways.

In addition to routes across Scandanavia, they flew to, Kiev, Lyon, Manchester, Prague and Zurich.

In case you were wondering, the fine folks at Airliners.net have put together this list of 14 Swedish airlines that have shut down since 2000.

Swedeways Air Lines (1993–2001)
Transjet Airways AB (2000–2002)
Goodjet (2002–2003)
Transair (2002–2003)
Swe Fly (1994-2005)
European Executive Express (1997–2005)
Swedline Express (2002–2006)
Falcon Air (1986–2006)
FlyMe (2003–2007)
Avitrans (2004–2010)
Viking Airlines (2003-2010)
Tor Air (2008–2011)
City Airline (1997–2012)
Skyways (1993-2012)

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