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A Quick Note about Connecting in Frankfurt

I’ve got to board my flight home (Lufthansa 747 to Newark in Business) in 10 minutes, but I’ve connected here in Frankfurt twice in the past 2 weeks and I just wanted to give anyone connecting here for the first time that it is NOT a quick connection from an intra-Europe flight to a flight to the US.

My flight from Amsterdam arrived at the A gates and I needed to go to the Z gates which, despite the suggestion that it is 25 sets of gates away from the A gates, certainly felt that way. Here’s what we did:

I got off the plane on the tarmac and went on to a bus, which took us to our gates. I then walked up some stairs, then down a hall. I then walked down 4 flights of stairs because I am an idiot and apparently did not notice the elevator sign. I then took a moving walkway about 1/4 of a mile to someplace else. I then took the elevator back up (smarter this time), walked down a hall, one more elevator up, and lickety split, 30 minutes after I got off the plane I arrived at my Z gate.

2 weeks ago a similar transfer took 45 minutes and involved a tram.

It’s not a huge deal, and for the longer walks there are moving walkways, but do NOT think you can safely leave yourself 45 minutes to connect here. Especially if you want to sit in the lounge and enjoy the hot dogs and pudding (not eaten together).

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  1. Not to forget that in Frankfurt you are most likely to have to go through security re-screening, and they are really picky and pedantic. You can keep your shoes on, but you have to remove ipads as well as laptops.

    The lines are really slow.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. My mom and some friends are off on a European adventure next week, and she’s connecting via Frankfurt. I’m not sure I’ll mention this to her though, she’s freaked out enough as it is (her first trip ever to Italy and the UK).

  3. It does take a long time to get on a flight to the USA from FRA. One thing that surprised me was that there was no “secondary screening” at the Z gates for USA flights. Of course, the first screening was very slow and thorough. Does the TSA think this is enough?

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