The Post Where I Jump on the Bandwagon of Complaints about the United/Continental Merger

You don’t have to search much to find people complaining about the effects of the United/Continental merger. I have stayed out of that discussion, as my recent experiences with them have only been positive.

But then a number of issues have popped up, and it made me realize that everyone isn’t just whining – they have some systems issues.

In case you were wondering:

- I canceled an award ticket and redeposited it 2 months ago. Those miles have not reappeared.
- They deducted miles twice for an award ticket 3 months ago.
- 4 Flights on Air New Zealand that I took 3+ weeks ago have not yet appeared.
- 1 flight on Lufthansa that I took 2 weeks ago has not yet been credited.

I don’t think any one of those things is a big deal, but they are moderately annoying when considered together.

I’m always interested in hearing people’s problems from the merger. Anyone had any issues?

(In fairness, I love Continental and I’m learning to love United, though in truth I’ve mostly flown ex-Continental aircraft.)

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  1. I cancelled an award ticket less than 24 hours after I made the reservation. One month later when the miles had not been returned and the taxes refunded I called. The taxes got refunded and I was charged $150. I spent five hours (seriously!!!) on the phone three weeks ago to get them to agree to refund the $150, which of course, has still not appeared on my credit card account. I was told that the refund would be processed in 7-10 business days, but it could take one to two billing cycles before I saw it on my account. They s**k!

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