go!Mokulele Airlines to Change Name Back to go!

See if we can follow this:

In 2006 or so, Mesa Airlines entered the then-crowded inter-island market in Hawaii by launching an airline called go!

It turns out that they were able to enter the market because, a judge later ruled, while doing diligence for a possible bid for then-bankrupt carriers Hawaiian Airlines and Aloha Air, Mesa took confidential information and used that to launch their own service.

Hawaiian and Aloha sued, and Mesa eventually settled with Hawaiian Airlines for $50 million or so. The best piece of information to emerge from that lawsuit is that when Hawaiian accused a Mesa executive of purposefully deleting relevant files from his computer, he denied it, saying he was only deleting the pornography he was watching on his computer, not files related to the case (the old “that’s my porn, not my stolen documents” defense).

Mesa tried to settle with Aloha, with Mesa assuming the Aloha name as part of the agreement. A judge blocked that, and did not allow Mesa to use the Aloha name.

go! soonafter merged with a subsidiary of Republic Airways called Mokulele Airlines and changed the company’s name to the clumsy go!Mokulele Airlines.

Well, we’ve come full circle, as the airline has now announced that it is returning to its roots and going back to being go!.

Thought you’d like to know…

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  1. Don’t fly with Go, they suck. After 4 flights only 1 was on time and they cancelled one and left us having to purchase with another airline. The original flight was a 4pm and they had nothing else that day. They could care less and now fighting to get the money back they promised us. OH and they double charged us for all baggage fees. Go with Hawaiian Air and save yourself any hassle.

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