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JetBlue and Emirates Now Have Frequent Flyer Partnership….No, You Shouldn’t Be Excited

My primary (actually, only) issue with JetBlue is that their frequent flyer program is weak. Or terrible. Or terribly weak. In fact, I never fly them anymore because of that. I will sit uncomfortably on another airline (United, usually, but sometimes US Airways) for 4 hours because of Mileage Plus, rather than sit in comfort watching TV on JetBlue. Yes, I feel like an idiot when I read that sentence.

So I was excited last month when I read about the JetBlue/Hawaiian partnership, that would allow me to earn Hawaiian miles (which can be transferred to Hilton on a 1:2 basis) when I fly JetBlue. Except that the earning table is horrible. So much for that.

So I was excited again this morning when I read that I can earn Emirates Skywards miles when I fly JetBlue (and vice versa). Alas, there is nothing to be excited about.

What you earn on JetBlue when you fly Emirates:

What you earn on Emirates when you fly JetBlue:

What does that mean? It means that you’ll earn 1/4 of a mile for every mile flown on JetBlue when you fly on a cheap(ish) ticket. Sad, really.

I’ll continue my quest to find a partner to which I should credit JetBlue flights.

Anyone credit JetBlue flights anywhere interesting?

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