Delta Asks to Move Detroit-Haneda route to Seattle

I’ll be honest – I don’t know why I’m so interested in the comings and goings of flights from the US to Tokyo Haneda airport. Perhaps because 2 years ago airlines were tripping over each other to gain access to Haneda, only to do a quick about face once the earthquake happened. You may remember (if you’re a complete freak) that 3 airlines were awarded flights to Haneda: Hawaiian (from Honolulu); Delta (from LA and Detroit); and American (from JFK). (Haneda is, for many, preferable to Tokyo Narita because it isn’t 2 hours from the city).

American suspended the JFK route less than a year after starting it, though it recently re-started it. Delta suspended its Detroit-Haneda route around the same time.

Now, Delta is asking to move the Detroit route to Seattle, which is a bit of nonsense since they made some huge pitch to the DoT that Detroit flights made sense as a midwestern base (rather than, say, United flights from Chicago) because of their large hub there. Now they’re trying to move that flight to Seattle, where ANA and United already fly to Tokyo (Narita) and Delta already has 3 flights a day to Japan. Not that life is fair, but I’m going to guess that United will try to get the DoT to give them that route and tell Delta to enjoy their LA-Haneda service.


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