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Alaska Airlines 40,000 Mile Offer Is Back (Now Requires $7500 Minimum Spend)

Alaska Airlines Visa Signature credit card once again has a 40,000 mile offer available, though they now require a not-unreasonable $7,500 in spend in 6 months. With this offer you’ll get 25,000 Mileage Plan miles after first purchase, then an additional 15,000 miles after you hit that spend minimum.

This card comes with a $110 coach companion ticket (yes, that used to be first class and coach, but now it’s just coach….get over it). Annual fee is $75, and it’s not waived, though this is still a good deal for $75.

One thing to note: people have churned Alaska Airlines cards over the years, but the T&Cs on this offer say: “This one-time promotion is limited to new customers opening an account in response to this offer…” Sounds like if you’ve had this card before, YMMV…

40,000 Mile Alaska Airlines Visa Application

(Yes, I learned about this buried in a thread on Flyertalk…I apologize to everyone on FT personally if that bothers them).

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  1. Rapid Travel Chai

    Too stiff a minimum spend for me to bother with it, especially with the devalue of the companion cert.

  2. I wonder if with the new T&C and benefit this actually counts as a ‘new’ card. Meaning you can apply for it once, but can apply for it if you’ve had an ‘old’ alaska card in the past.

    I have 2 new Alaska cards just this year so not really in a position to test it.

  3. As the person who posted that deal on FT, I do not take offense that you reposted it here :grin:

    Especially not after reading up on your Iceland Air posts… thanks for all the leg work on that deal!! I’m totally hitting that next month.

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