A Few Random Credit Card Ideas…

Rather than stretch these out into a bunch of smaller posts, I had some thoughts for credit card ideas that I thought I’d compile into one go:

LINKS FOR CARDS MENTIONED BELOW (some affiliate, some not)

– Assuming you have a business (or a “business” — remember, credit card companies consider a sole proprietorship a business…which means if you sell stuff on eBay, that’s a business), there’s almost no reason NOT to get the Chase Ink BoldĀ® Charge Card or Chase Ink BoldĀ® Charge Card Plus (I compare the Chase Business Credit cards here in a handy dandy chart). Just about everyone has internet/cable/phone in their home, which means that just about everyone has to pay for those things. Those two cards offer 5X Ultimate Rewards points on internet/cable/phone, meaning you’ll earn 5X points on something you have to do every month. And for those of us who are lazy and hate carrying around 7 different cards to maximize spend in different categories, you’ll just set it up once with the companies handling internet/cable/phone and you won’t even have to take out the card again. You’re probably spending $200/month on those things ($2400/year), meaning you should be getting 14,400 points just for putting that spend you were already doing on that card. When the free year is up on one card, you can close it an open the other and enjoy that year free. Even if you have to pay the $95 annual fee, you’re still getting a good deal for the 14,400 points.

I know that some people complain that the bonus deal — 25,000 points for signup, then 25,000 more after $10,000 spend in 3 months — is very high. But even if you can’t hit the spend, the 25,000 points just for signing up is a really solid deal considering the first year is free and there’s no minimum spend. Sure, 50,000 is better — but that’s not an option for many people. Enjoy your 25,000 points (which you can get twice — once for each card) and enjoy the free trip.

– I admit it’s annoying to carry all those cards around, but the Amex Blue Preferred Cash card earns you 6% cash back on Groceries (plus $150 cash back to start, which covers 2 years of the $75 annual fee). Whatever other card you’ve been using for groceries does not give you anything close to 6% cash back. We can argue all day long about cash back vs. points cards, but anyone would choose 6% cash over any of the points deals.

– I know that 100,000 mile British Airways Visa deal went away and everyone cried a few tears. But why exactly are people complaining about the current 50,000 mile deal — it only takes $1,000 spend in 3 months to hit that bonus (though they will charge you $95). 50,000 Avios points is 2 round trip tickets to Hawaii from LA. I think that’s worth $95. Along with the AA 2-browser deals, it’s the best airline card bonus publicly available, and everyone was upset about it. Sheesh.

– We affiliates are once again getting a commission for the Marriott Rewards Premier Visa. However, don’t pay attention to anyone pushing that deal – it only offers 50,000 points. This link gets you 70,000 points (I don’t get a commission for it — but as always, I make up for the lack of commission by getting no commission in volume).

– I’ve been remiss, but I finally upgraded the Top Air & Hotel offers page.

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  1. when i click on the amex blue preferred link, it says that the offer is no longer available. true?

    • You’ll need to sign out of Amex before clicking that link (and/or clear your Amex cookies from your browser). I just clicked the link and it worked.

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