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Lower Sapphire Preferred Spending Threshold Goes Away at 3PM Today … And an Apology

We were just told the $2000 threshold for the 40,000 point bonus on the Chase Sapphire Preferred will go away at 3pm today. You can apply here. Chase Sapphire Preferred application

Sapphire Preferred is now back to $3,000 in 3 months for 40,000 Ultimate Rewards Points. Application here
Now, a quick word about this: We bloggers received a note last week saying we had to take down our links because the offer was changing. I (and others) contacted our affiliate provider (who I assume talked to Chase) and we were told only that it was changing. This lead to the blind guesses we bloggers had toile about what was happening.

I chose to share the info with readers even though I had no idea what would happen. I know this annoys some people, but I try to be as transparent as possible about affiliate relationships.

We were told about the $2k threshold Monday and I posted that (as did everyone else). It’s frustrating that we weren’t told that beforehand, because I know that my readers come to OTR for advice, and I don’t like being in the dark.

With no warning, we bloggers just received an email telling us to take down the links by 3pm today. I don’t know that that means the offer is changing or not.

If the folks from Chase are reading, let me make a public request: please keep the lines of communication open with bloggers. All of us have built long term relationships with our readers. When we are left in the dark it reflects very poorly on us, the people who write these sites. Readers don’t get angry with you, they get angry with us.

So to my readers: I’m really sorry about this. Myself and the other bloggers you read every day really do try to share the best information we have available. I dont want to jerk people around. And that’s what’s happened. Ill continue to be as transparent as I have always been as we hear more. Thanks for your continued support.

Quick update: Chase will apparently match the best offer from the past 90 days. So if you have applied for the Sapphire with a $3000 minimum spend, call or email them and they will give you the lower offer.

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  1. I missed the offer. Based on your quick update, it sounds like I can apply now for the $3k/3 months, but if I call they’ll change that to $2k/3 months. Can you confirm that?

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