Thursday Icelandair Update: Points Are Now Processing

Hi all. Good news: Icelandair is once again able to process points. Purchases from yesterday should now be processed – you will receive an email if you purchased yesterday with confirmation.

Today’s purchases are in-process and should be complete by end of day.

If you purchased yesterday and DID NOT receive an email, Icelandair asks that you contact Good luck with that :)


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  1. Thanks for the update. i dont see any availability to hawaii/alaska from east coast from now till june 2013. is it wise to buy these points now and wait until availability comes? i’m little concerned that what if no availability comes or there will be unfavorable change award rules in alaka after we bought? please advise.

    • East Coast availability has been pretty low (if non-existent) the whole time. Unfortunately this works best from the West Coast…

      • thanks. what’s trend with Alaskan air? Will they usually open more awards closer to departure dates? I’m not sure whether it will be worth risk from east coast to buy points now(to visit alaska if not hawaii) and wait for more availability

  2. Jared,

    Do you know what the change rules/fees there are with these tickets? I couldn’t find availability for one of the days I wanted–so settled with a less desirable one for now. Alaska tends to open up space a little closer towards departure from what I’ve seen.

  3. After having two purchases knocked back, I just put in my 3rd at about 2PM CST today.

    Fingers crossed!

  4. Any idea when Saga Club account numbers for new members will be available? I have been waiting since Monday with no word. I enrolled online, waited the two hours, sent an email with my info to sign up, but nothing yet.

    • I am in the same boat. I emailed them about it but haven’t heard back. I am chalking it up to them being swamped.

  5. Just recieved my point purchased around 1400 today. Also made a purchase on 2 different accounts monday no points posted from that, assuming still pending on my card though.

  6. Could someone please repost the email address to ask them about the pending account openings? I opened the account on Sunday and no communication so far.

  7. I opened an account for myself late last week with no issues. I tried to do the same for my wife so I had a transfer account, but not luck. Any suggestions? I’ve sent several messages but havent heard back.

    • I would try to open an account again instead of waiting for their response. It seems like their system is running smoothly right now.

    • BTW, accounts have now been set up. It seems they are catching up. Now to find availability!

      Jared, thanks a lot for all of your useful info posted here

  8. I just spoke with a rep and you can book on Horizon (Alaska’s regional carrier). No other codeshare flights are bookable. She also said if you overnight and then take the first available flight in the morning it is not considered a stopover. Have patience setting up an account-it took 4 days to get my account.

  9. Thank you Jared for taking the time to call about the wait and helping everyone out! I got my two accounts on Monday. Didn’t buy any miles for fear they would not go through. Called about availability and they didn’t have my dates and said it would take 10 days for miles to post so I shouldn’t be checking anyway. When you posted they were up and running to post miles immediately, I made the purchase and they were in my account within 20 minutes. Then I transferred to my husband and they were in his account within 15 minutes. I called Icelandair and lo and behold they had my schedule open (which I confirmed before on using booking codes A and W, by the way Alaska Airlines told me that they allocate only so many seats to Icelandair so that’s probably why availability doesn’t always match up between the two) and I was booked out of San Diego! Just a heads up – booking coach out of San Diego resulted in ~$63/person in taxes. Our ticket rounded out to about $255/person with tax and 20,000 extra miles left over for another coach ticket. Although 1st wasn’t available this was still a FANTASTIC deal to Hawaii from the the West Coast!

  10. Miles are still not posting to my account. I signed up last Friday. Got my account Monday night. Tried buying points Monday night. No points. No emails. Tried buying points today and still no points. Any one else still having problems?

  11. Ticketed dfw-hnl-dfw
    Points finally posted.

    With connect times i dont think further than texas is doable.

    • Chicago to west coast to hawaii is theoretically doable, as in availability is not zero like it seems to be for transcontinental flights, but i haven’t seen more than 1 open award seat on any of those routes. Might be worth looking into a positioning flight to chicago if you’re travelling alone?

  12. It’s been 18 hours and still no points have posted to my account. The rep was nice enough to cancel my second purchase since I let her know it was just a duplicate. She said the first one should process, but it could be up to 72 hours. I said that it says 24 hours right on the website, and she said maybe it will process by the end of today. I’m not sure what is going on with this, and whether it’s on’s side or IcelandAir, but all is not well.

    • I am in the same boat as you. Still no points from an order on Monday and another yesterday. Did it help at all calling if so what is the # to call and do I need an account with them to call?

      • I wouldn’t say it was helpful, but they at least were able to give me the status of my transactions. Go to, click on “Contact Us”, and then on the right of the page that pulls up should be an option for ‘Chat’. I don’t think they have a phone #.

        When she canceled my second purchase from yesterday, I got an email saying my payment failed which she confirmed was from her canceling it. So I’ve tried to make 4 purchases, and now 3 I’ve got failed payment emails for.

  13. chat representative told me there is still the 10 day waiting period.

  14. My points just miraculously posted. Transfer was immediate. Now I’m on hold. Crossing my fingers.

  15. I think I was on hold for about 5 minutes.

  16. Everything went through and I booked 2 tickets for $326 each. Thanks so much Jared!

  17. So I finally got mine booked and got a confirmation #. However the charge for the booking fees got turned down by my bank. The lady on the phone said they’d be about $50 a ticket, and the bank said they charged $252. What did everyone else pay for tickets in A class (I;m only flying SAN->HNL, OGG->SAN)?

    • Agent quoted me $62 for 2 tickets.

      • Check your card when it gets charged. There’s a charge for $251 showing as pending from IcelandAir on my card.

        When I called them the second time after my bank declined the first booking charge, I asked the lady on the phone what the fees should be, and she said no more than $50 a ticket and read me out all the feed which indeed should have only added up to about $30 per ticket.

        Not sure why they are charging me $251. Anyone else had this happen?

  18. 60k points cost me $320 per ticket. Then I was charged fees of 34,100 krona ($283) for 2 people in A class ord-sea-ogg (openjaw) koa – sea – ord. Seems to be too high, as i thought taxes/surcharges/fees were supposed to be $35 or so. Maybe that is per leg though. Any others have experience like this?

  19. got the points and the 10 day waiting period waved, but when i called iceland air they said there was no avail from the west coast through jan but when looking on expert flyer theres many openings…very frustrating

    • Where are you trying to fly out of?

      • smf, so i called back and got a delightful agent on the phone who worked her magic and poof the seat appeared…she was telling me how the whole call center was buzzing about these americans calling to book hawaii trips like the world was going to end and some of the agents gave up and just said nothing was avail hoping people would stop calling

  20. Just got off the phone with a very helpful Icelandair representative. There is some sort of issue going on with the taxes and fees on these award flights. She said it is being worked on, but apparently is controlled on the Alaska Air side per their policies not Icelandair. She indicated that Alaska is collecting 7.5% tax on the base fare for that route. Anyone seeing taxes that are higher than expected for your bookings?

    • 7.5% of what? The points? Are you supposed to pay taxes on an award flight, and what is the ‘cost’ they used to base the taxes on?

  21. @Matt she said the 7.5% is on base fare points. She said Alaska fees they collect are per passenger $3.80 per us domestic segment, $2.50 per enplanement sept 11 fee, $3-$18 per passenger local airport fee pax facil charge, $8.40 for each segment beginning or ending in Hawaii and 7.5% tax for base fare for US Transportation. She said it was on the points cost. Its not adding up for me. She suggested I wait until Monday when my second itinerary gets ticketed and the tax issue gets resolved before doing anything further.

    • That’s crazy. I think that’s the first I’ve heard of this since this deal came about. I wonder if Alaska is trying to start charging more fees in order to get disincentivize people from booking this way.

  22. I was pretty excited about this deal but did not rush into it. After proper planning pulled the trigger, bought and transferred points to get the max benefit and also made sure 4 First class seats were available on all the flights before completing the purchase. However, when I received the e-ticket today I noticed that I had been charged 20250 KR per ticket which comes out to $170 per ticket. I was under the impression that Iceland air’s taxes and fees were pretty nominal. Alaska air website only shows $10 in taxes and fees. What kind of taxes are others see on their ticket. I can also see a breakup of fees in the ticket and it shows 2020 US, 9950US and 8280XT. The first 2 values do match up with taxes shown on ITA website but XT does not. Looking to compare to others before calling Iceland Air.

  23. Just called to try to book our flights. Despite seats showing as available on both the Alaska site as Super Saver and on Expert Flyer in A class, the agent at Iceland Air says there are no seats available on the flight we want, or indeed at all that day from SEA to LAX.

    Also, the woman who answered the phone wasn’t as friendly as everyone else has described. She was pretty curt, actually, and just said “Nope, nothing at all, not in coach, not in first class. You will just have to book directly with Alaska.”

    I am wondering if Alaska has figured out what’s going on and is no longer releasing seats to Iceland Air?

    • Hi – did you ask them to check that specific class of service?

      • Yep, asked for first class, said they were showing as available as super saver on Alaska and A class on Expert Flyer, she just said Nope. I was wondering if I should try calling back and see if I just had an unhelpful agent? We’re looking at dates in April on a Thursday, and Alaska has tons of flights between Seattle and LAX, so I am kind of surprised she said there was nothing.

        • UPDATE: called back and this time instead of pushing 2 for reservations I pushed 3 for Saga Club. Problem solved! Was able to book to LAX and return via SNA, on the flights I wanted. :)

    • Same response here. Nothing avail in Dec at least was what I got.

  24. Has anyone else been charged $25/ticket to book on Icelandair? I wasn’t informed that the ticket booking charge would be so much. On the website the charge is only 500ISK, around $5. The agent told me that was only for Icelandair flights. Anyone run into this? Any clarification on the problem with the tax charge?

    • nevermind it is listed under the Alaska Airlines partners page. Whoops!

      • “Airport taxes and fuel charge are added to all Award tickets. Service charge on all Alaska flight Awards is ISK 3.000.”

        ISK 3,000 = $25, so how are the airport taxes and fees adding up to so much in addition to the $25. I get the feeling there is something strange going on.

  25. Jared – thanks again for staying on this! I got my ticket and am looking forward to a GREAT trip!

  26. UPDATE: I had a chance to look at the e-ticket issued to me more closely and did some cross checking on the ITA software site. I was charged an extra $141 for each award ticket. The part that stands out is that for each of my (2) A class award tickets ORD-SEA-OGG(openjaw)KOA-SEA-ORD one of the items I was charged for was $56.16 for code “US”. This code shows up on ITA as “US Transportation Tax” when I price out an itinerary on ITA. It seems that for the Icelandair points redemption I am being charged tax on the cash value of the ticket as if I bought the ticket from Alaska Airlines. I have no idea if this is now the new “norm” for this deal or if I am an outlyer for some reason, but wanted to pass this info along to readers in case you see some unexpectedly high “fees” from Icelandair now. As I mentioned above, the Icelandair rep indicated they are having some tax problems this afternoon and hope to have them fixed by the weekend. The $283 pending charge for these two tickets is showing up at the bank now.

    • Their payment calculations seem to be a work in progress. I booked awards last Saturday (8/18) and didn’t receive the booking emails until early Friday morning. In the meantime, looking at the reservation on their web site first showed it costing almost 50,000 ISK (over $400), then a few days later it was 18,590 ISK ($155) and finally 7,660 ISK ($64). My credit card now shows the last amount as pending as of Friday. It never showed anything before that. I’m not sure why, but I always felt confident that IcelandAir would get it worked out correctly, so I never contacted them.

      If anyone is interested, the taxes/fees were broken down like this:

      Tax description unavailable (US) 2,020 ISK
      Tax description unavailable (AY) 620 ISK
      Passenger Facility Charges US 1,100 ISK
      Tax description unavailable (ZP) 920 ISK
      Tax description unavailable (ZZ) 3,000 ISK
      Total taxes, fees and charges 7,660 ISK

  27. Same here. High taxes. Hoping it gets solved. Otherwise its close to basically using a 2-4-1 on alaska

  28. I am trying to share miles with my 2 friends and it is not letting me. It keeps coming up with an error to check my credit card details again. I have checked them and everything is ok. Also I even tried to use another card with no luck. Has this happened to anyone else? I tried yesterday a few times and again today.

  29. Just got off the phone with Iceland Air Receptionist. She said they will stop booking these AS award tickets tom. Dont know how that will happen but if I was holding on to some points right now I would try to book a trip by the weekend.

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