Monday News Roundup

I’m on vacation this week with the family (Southern California – United in coach. Only two things to note are that flying with 6 year olds is infinitely better when they have iPads, and flying on former Continental planes is infinitely better now that they’ve started to reconfigure them with Economy Plus section), so my posts will likely be a bit limited this week. Unless I’m driving my family crazy (likely scenario), in which case I’ll lock myself in a room and write.

- A Florida woman is suing El Al because the airline moved her to a seat in the back of the plane after an Ultra-Orthodox gentleman refused to sit next to her. Not sure why the airline didn’t move the gentleman passenger. She’s suing because her original seat was on the aisle, which she had requested for some unspecified medical reason, and the non-religious seat she was moved to was not on the aisle. She is requesting $12,500.

- Allegiant is charging most customers $4 extra each way for using credit cards. When you search for fares on their website, they now display the price for debit cards. If you want to use a credit card, they charge the additional four bucks. Allegiant runs a fantastic operation, and they’ve been extremely profitable quarter after quarter. Most impressively, though, is that they’ve managed to avoid the public thrashing by customers that Spirit Airlines seems to face on a daily basis. I’m not sure why we don’t hear the vitriol for Allegiant that we hear for Spirit, considering they have similar ancillary fees in place.


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  1. “Opinion leaders” don’t fly Allegiant — so they can’t get annoyed and speak ill of the airline. Have you ever flown them? Don’t you have to live in some “obscure” city like Moline to catch one of their flights?

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