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(DEAD AGAIN) How to Get a 70,000 Mile Bonus with the Amex Delta Gold Credit Card


There’s been rumors of a 70,000 mile bonus being available for the American Express Delta Gold card, and now there is confirmation. You’ll get 25,000 miles after first purchase, then 45,000 miles after spending $5,000 in 6 months. First year waived, $95 thereafter. It would also appear that if you have had a Delta Amex before, you can’t get the bonus.

Copy and paste this link, but change the words “John” “Smith” and “222222222” to your name and Delta Skymiles number:


You’ll also get a $100 statement credit when you purchase a Delta ticket.

Say what you will about the ability to use Skymiles (and what I will say is that it’s terrible), 70,000 is a nice chunk of miles. Which in Delta’s case will get you, er, one domestic round trip ticket in most cases.

(Thx Slickdeals)

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  1. If I already have this card, can I get another and get the bonus, too?

  2. Maybe, I’m the only one, but this doesn’t seem to work for me. I changed the first and last name and skymiles number to my own. But, I can’t seem to fill in my first name. When I click on first name it goes to middle initial and can’t type more than one letter. Any thoughts?

  3. I actually think current cardholders can. I suspect I might be able to, despite recently upgrading to plat.

  4. Jared,

    Any idea what the churn is on this card?

  5. Good news. Isn’t it? I’d get American Express Delta Gold card. Can’t wait to avail the best deals.

  6. Hi,
    Sorry but can’t see the red text where to change the name and Delta Sky Mile number

  7. I don’t see any text in red and when I go to the website mentioned it is all messed up. There isn’t enough space for my real name and middle and last name and when I fill out the rest of the information, it comes out with John Smith as the name of the applicant.

    I think someone or something must have caught on to this, e.g. like American Express??

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  9. You stated in the first paragraph,
    ” It would also appear that if you have had a Delta Amex before, you can’t get the bonus.”

    Where are you getting that information? You did not expand or discuss it further in the rest of your posting. I have not heard anything about this on any of the other posts about this offer (ex. SlickDeals, MMS, FlyerTalk, etc.

    If it is true…is there any sort of time line? I have not had an AMEX Delta card in two years and just applied for this. I would like to know more about your info that I would be ineligible for the 70k miles before activating.
    Thanks in advance for an explanation.

    • I was interpreting this statement in the t and c’s:

      You may be permitted to have more than one Delta SkyMiles Credit Card account; however, you are eligible to receive welcome bonus miles for only one Card account. Offer not available to existing Delta SkyMiles Credit Cardmembers upgrading to another Delta SkyMiles Credit Card.

      Perhaps that does mean you can get the bonus if you have had the card in the past, but it’s not obvious. If anyone has a different interpretation I’d certainly be interested in hearing it.

  10. My interpretation is that for plat cardholders like me, we can sign up and get approved but will only get the minspend part of the bonus, not the firsttransaction part. Anyone have a different take?

  11. is the 50k avios-chase card deal still on?

  12. can i buy skymiles from delta and get that 100 credit?

  13. i just applied for a Delta Amex recently and got the card a couple of days ago but haven’t called to activate the card. Is there any way I can reapply or call them to see if I can get this promo instead? The one I signed up for is just 25,000 after $500 spent/.

  14. I have tried the url several times, changing the name and FF#, and it will not bring up a valid page. Anyone know if this offer is still valid? Thanks!

  15. Jared can you verify that the offer is no longer valid? I can’t pull it up either. Thanks for the post.

  16. I have no luck with this. any tip? Can i call them to get this offer? IS there any kind of promotion code i can give to them?

  17. Barratt Phillips

    Hi Jared,
    We have been trying to book a flight for 5 people going from lax to Venice and home from London to lax. We are booking 5 months out and all the British and American sky miles are gone already. The only airline we could use our American Express miles was on delta which would cost us 130 thousand miles a piece. Do you think we should wait to see if miles open up. Are we booking too early? We have a cruise to catch and don’t want to wait too long if nothing else comes along. British American KLM and AIR FRANCE Iberia and Alitalia didn’t have availability. Someone mentioned that delta releases a year in advance. We have tickets on hold so if you can please answer ASAP that would be great.

  18. Barratt Phillips

    Hi Again Jared you must be a very kind person and we appreciate your interest and quick response. Thank you.

    We are trying to leave on 7-27 we can leave out of San Diego or Lax.
    Currently we are leaving on 7-27-13 on Delta flt 16 from LAX at 8:30am then to JFK landing at 5:10pm. We leave JFK at 8:30 pm and arrive Venice at 11:05 on 7-28. Our cruise departs on 7-29 from Venice.

    Our return Delta #19 leaves London on 8-16 goes through Detroit leaves Detroit and lands Lax at 5:19. We are holding this at 112 thousand American Express miles each. We wanted to leave on 8-17 but they said that would cost 130 thousand. Thanks for your input. If you need exact times on return I can get that to you in one hour when my husband gets home.(I can’t read his writing .:) Thanks again -Marci

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