Monday Morning Roundup

I had a bunch of smaller things to share, so I thought I’d bundle into 1 post:

- One of the more obscure North American flights is being discontinued: Any of you plane nerds who have flown Philippine Airlines’ A340 service from Vancouver to Las Vegas will be disappointed to learn that they are discontinuing the route beginning in January. They will now fly Manila-Toronto-Vancouver-Manila, dropping the Vegas leg. In case you were wondering, according to their 5th Freedom agreement they were allowed to sell 50% of the capacity on the Vancouver – Vegas leg. (And if you care what 5th Freedom is, it’s basically when an airline is allowed to sell seats on a flight between two countries outside their home base — ie, Philippine Airlines could sell a ticket between Canada and the US.)

- An Italian man bought a pilot’s uniform and made a fake ID card and somehow managed to fly in the cockpit of a Lufthansa flight between Munich and Turin.

- Southwest Airlines’ flight attendants voted to approve the changes to their contract that would allow the carrier to fly to Hawaii. Wouldn’t be shocked to see Oakland or Burbank flights to Hawaii in their future.

- Air France is changing the names of its cabins from Voyageur, Premium Voyageur, and Affaires to Coach, Premium Economy and Business. Glad to see that because I could never remember which classes Voyageur and Affaires were supposed to be.

- If you have a US Airways Mastercard be on the lookout for a piece in the mail offering you 5X bonus miles on restaurant spend, department stores and electronics stores during the 4th quarter this year. However, you can only earn up to a 2,500 point bonus. It’s a targeted offer, so your promo code will vary (my wife and I each received our own offer, both of which have now disappeared. I, obviously, blame my wife, though through a spokesman she vehemently denied throwing out the mail. She did, however, admit to seeing those pieces of paper (suspicious!!) but she says she left them right where they were, adding that maybe if I cleaned up my piles of crap that I wouldn’t have such a difficult time finding stuff.)

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  1. hi-is the 50k signup bonus avios deal from chase still alive?

  2. i need to hire a spokesman to manage PR within the household.

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