Tuesday Morning Roundup

At some point my life will calm down and I can write long posts about what credit card to use when you buy gum. Until then, here’s a few quick bites:

- A Horizon Air flight attendant was arrested for stealing a passenger’s iPad. The passenger had left it on his seat after flying recently and used his “Find My iPad” app to, er, find his iPad. It was in the flight attendant’s home.

- A Republic Airlines flight attendant was charged with disorderly conduct after she tried to bring a loaded gun through security at Philadelphia Airport. Officers then accidentally fired the gun while trying to secure it.

- In case you were wondering if you were the only person using Wi-Fi on your most recent flight, the answer was probably no – but it was close. GoGo Internet says that while about a third of flights are now wi-fi equipped, only about 5% of passengers purchase wi-fi on planes. I think they need to start giving it away for a while so people appreciate the value of it, then they can charge for it. Then people can freak out about getting charged for it.

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  1. the problem is that most non-business users will not get the value of it. i pay $45 for 30 days of use at home, paying even $5 on one plane trip seems absurd.

  2. i think the cheapest single flight plan you can get with gogo is $12.95, what a rip off, they need other ways to charge, either per hour or for a data limit, something to make it cheaper for non-business travelers to use.

  3. If you’re going to do this right, the “long posts about what credit card to use when you buy gum” need to be accompanied by long videos in which you sit by a pool wearing short trousers.

  4. Looking forward to the day when GoGo go-goes away. [Sorry - it is 2 in the morning]. All it takes is 1 carrier to start offering quality WiFi for free and, hopefully, others would follow. I could imagine the Southwest TV ads now. And – BOOM ! Domino effect. Well – hopefully.

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