You Might Want to Hold Off on Booking that Flight in India on Kingfisher

It’s pretty fitting that American Airlines and Kingfisher Airlines are frequent flyer partners. As American is facing labor unrest here in the States, Kingfisher is now in danger of being shut down because of its own labor issues.

The Indian carrier was forced to cancel all of its flights this afternoon becase employees have stopped reporting to work. This isn’t as crazy as it sounds, as they have not been paid in months.

You may not have heard of Kingfisher, but last year it had the second-most marketshare in the Indian market, though after grounding planes due to financial problems they are dead last this year among India’s 6 major airlines. The company is drowning in $1.4 billion in debt, and, unlike what most US airlines have gone through, no bank is willing to lend, nor is another carrier currently interested in merging with them.

If you have travel in India booked on Kingfisher, you should come up with a backup plan.


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