Thursday Morning Roundup

I’m feeling like we haven’t had much in the way of interesting news in a while — when the big news is that seats have come loose from an airplane, things are kinda slow. We haven’t had much in the way of interesting credit card signups, nothing.

In any case, the morning wrap up:

- SAS is going to charge for soda on long-haul flights during snack service in Economy. During meal service you will get a larger can of soda than you did previously, and it will still be free. Coffee, tea and water will be free during snack service. So, you’ll probably get as much soda as you did before, but you’ll have to get it during meal service, not snack service. Sodas will be about $3.50. Commence whining…now.

- California Pacific, the airline trying to fly short-to-mid haul routes from Carlsbad, California, had asked DOT for a 1-year extension to launch the airline. The DOT told them they need to be up and running by February 25. Good luck.

- You can get 500 Hilton HHonors points thru this link by connecting your HHonors account to your Facebook account. There is a setting so your friends don’t have to see the posts you’ll receive to earn the points. Get another 500 HHonors points for watching this video.

- I’ve been asked about Spirit Airlines’ re-announcement about charging $100 for carryon bags at the airport. I have no idea why they re-announced that this week, but in short: no one will pay $100 for a carryon bag. They give you ample opportunity to pay less than that (we can argue about whether you should have to pay $30 for a carryon bag), but no one will pay $100. They are basically just telling you to check your bag before you get to the gate.

- And finally, a crocodile escaped from its cage during a Qantas flight. No other cargo was eaten.

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