Austrian Airlines Will Roll Out Lie-Flat Seats on All 767 and 777 by April 2013

I’ll be honest: I’m not sure if this is new news or not, but I don’t remember seeing it anywhere so here ya go:

Like its Star Alliance cousin LOT Polish, Austrian Airlines will roll out fully lie-flat seats in Business Class on its long-haul 767 and 777 aircraft with the retrofit to be completed by April 2013. Some folks at note that this is the same seat as those in business class on SWISS and Brussels Airlines (that’s a good thing). Between LOT and Austrian Star Alliance fans now have some great premium cabin options to Central and Eastern Europe.

Their minisite for the new product has a calendar that will tell you if an upcoming flight of yours will have the new product.

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  1. How on earth does the person in the window seat get out? The pitch between the bulky armrest and the seat in front looks tiny.

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