Allegiant Cancels Monterey – Honolulu Before Launch

Allegiant has announced that they are canceling their planned weekly Monterey-Honolulu service a month before its scheduled launch due to low demand.

An airport official said he thought that loads were in the 20-30% range, which isn’t even close to what the airline needed to make the weekly 757 service work. After the demise of Aloha and ATA a few years back, Bay Area service to Hawaii dropped significantly, but in recent years Hawaiian and Alaska have beefed up flights to the area, and I would guess the significant number of options from San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose made it difficult for a once-weekly service from Monterey to be successful.

Allegiant will still serve Honolulu from Stockton and Fresno.

Allegiant (and Spirit, for that matter) are both known for killing service they don’t think is working very quickly. While legacy airlines tend to be more patient, letting their markets develop, since Allegiant is serving third-tier cities, there are plenty of other airports that may be able to handle weekly Honolulu service.

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