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Spring Airlines Cancels Free Tickets to Japan Promotion After Chinese Bloggers Get Angry

Chinese lowfare carrier Spring Airlines has dropped a promotion offering free tickets (well, free with $160 in surcharges) from Shanghai to an airport to Fukuoka, Japan, after Chinese bloggers accused the airline of being a traitor to its country.

A dispute over who owns islands in the East China Sea has seen traffic on routes to Japan drop by half, and the promotion was meant to stimulate traffic.

Instead, they saw an uproar from Chinese bloggers (“netizens” is what the article says) who said the promotion increasing traffic to Japan was offensive to the Chinese people. (I don’t exactly understand this either, but could you imagine this happening here?)

Spring Airlines also cancelled a similar promotion offering tickets from Shanghai to Kagawa, Japan.


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  1. Rapid Travel Chai

    For those who do not know Spring Airlines, I like it is a lot, flown them many times, and it has recently become much easier to pay from outside China.

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