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Dear United Airlines…

Dear United Airlines,

On May 30th, 2012, I flew from Auckland to Sydney on Air New Zealand.

It is October 25th, 2012, and, despite me filling out 2 sets of forms and calling you 3 times, the miles from that flight have not been credited to my account.

I realize that Australia is both on the other side of the International Date Line and in the Southern Hemisphere, so that may have something to do with the delay (May is winter in Australia, so maybe my points won’t post til winter in North America). I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

But now that the weather is getting cooler here, can I have my miles please?

Thank you.
The OTR Staff


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  1. Ha, your May is likely to be my November experience. Thanks for the warning!

  2. :wink: What a cute manner! If I were the UA CSR, I would give you 50k extra mileage for the fun. :razz:

  3. Hey Jared, I’m a kiwi and fly Air NZ quite often from the US. They’ve moved increasingly towards non-mileage booking classes, so in case you haven’t checked you might want to double check. Also, they’re perpetually super late on crediting miles, and you often have to escalate. If you’ve got status, I’d recommend sending a terse note – that’s what I did last time, and the miles were credited very soon after. Good luck!

  4. i have had one day of vacation since beginning a hectic job six months ago. I am currently spending it in the Fresno Air Terminal. My 5:15 AM flight out of here has now become a 1PM to Denver. So I roam this tacky airport seeking an electrical outlet, avoid screaming babies, novice travellers, and mind-numbing Billy Joel musak piped continuously now for four hours…and I can anticipate enduring the same for three more hours…unless this plane has mechanical difficulites that cannot be resolved, either. Thanks ever so much for the memories :mrgreen: Oh, and I hate you.

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