A Chart of How Many Miles You Need for an Award Ticket to Israel (Hint: The Best Option is to Fly to Jordan)

After I posted my Unified Award Chart a little while back showing how many miles it takes on US airlines to every region around the world, I received a few requests to do the same for flights to Israel, since Israeli flights have their own quirks.

Below is the table for how many miles it takes for an award ticket to Israel. A few things to note:

– The best option is to fly over using Flying Blue miles on Delta metal, as Flying Blue considers Israel to be part of Europe (whatever). It’s only 25,000 miles in coach for the one-way ticket, and you can transfer 20,000 Starwood points to get those miles. I wouldn’t use that for the return because they’ll tack on a ridiculous amount of fuel surcharges. The other drawback is that Delta’s availability isn’t great (understatement).

– If you go the Flying Blue route, you’ll need a flight home and the best bet there is to use Avios miles on Air Berlin, as it’s only 30,000 Avios points for the return flight. Avios doesn’t charge fuel surcharges on Air Berlin, so if you don’t have Flying Blue miles (or Starwood; or Membership Rewards points, which also transfer to Flying Blue) this is the best option.

– If you’re doing a longer trip to that region from New York, the actual best choice is to use LAN kilometers to fly to Amman, Jordan, on Royal Jordanian. LAN only charges the equivalent of 35,000 miles roundtrip in coach for the nonstop flight to Amman (100,000 in business class). You can transfer Starwood points to LAN, meaning it’s only 30,000 Starwood points for a roundtrip ticket to Jordan. That’s a great deal. To check availability I would call American Airlines, since LAN’s call center can be hit-or-miss (I’m being generous). You could add on a leg from Amman to Tel Aviv for 6,000 miles roundtrip (12,000 LAN Kilometers).

[table id=14 /]


  1. Just read the blog how many miles to go on a returnn trip to Israel.
    What I did not see in the blog is: From where. I live on the West coast, Calif.
    so, does your attached chart cover that?

  2. You forgot about AMM-TLV using AA miles (or Avios).