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October 31st Morning Roundup

In non-hurricane and non-Vanilla Reload news:

- Have you been dying for flights from the US to Azerbaijan via Belgrade, Serbia? You may be in luck. Azerbaijani Airways has been in talks with Serbia’s JAT Airways to launch service to the US via Belgrade starting next year. (I mention this solely because a friend and I have been obsessed with Azerbaijan for 20+ years because of an old SNL skit where Dana Carvey is playing Johnny Carson and repeatedly says “Azerbaijan.” I know, it’s not funny when you read it.)

- Delta will drop JFK-Valencia service and, equally unsurprisingly, Memphis-Amsterdam.

- A passenger who was drunk on an Indigo Airlines flight in India (and who reportedly threatened to hijack the plane when he was not served liquor) has been sentenced to life in prison.

- Two delivery delay stories: American will receive its first 777-300ERs about 7 weeks late, pushing the start date of that service back to January 31st. Initial flights will be between Dallas and Sao Paulo. Boeing says that United’s next 4 787s will be delayed, meaning that those of you who have booked flights from Houston to cities in the US to sample the new 787 service may be disappointed. United says they will refund your tickets if you schedule 787 flight is not flown by a 787.

- SAS swears it is not going out of business.

- Air Canada, it turns out, has a secret Global Services-type level of Elite status.

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