EZJet Air Services Shuts Down

That’s EZJet, not EasyJet – don’t worry.

EZJet Air Services sold seats between JFK & Toronto and Guyana & Trinidad, with the flights being operated by a 3rd party called Swift Air. Several hundred people have been stranded after (at least according to EZJet) Swift Air abandoned passengers in Trinidad and took the aircraft to Buffalo.

This is the second time EZJet Air has been burned by their operating carrier – they say that a company called Dynamic Airways owes them more than $1.5 million after they took cash from EZJet and did not provide flights.

A number of airlines have tried the JFK-Guyana route (I remember something called Universal Airlines trying it, and North American Airlines flew it), and they came and went pretty quickly. Kudos to Delta for somehow making that work.


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  1. I recently flew from Quebec City to Toronto on Porter Airlines, and what a pleasure!! During the 1 1/2 hr flight, a decent box lunch and free drinks were served by smiling FAs, reminding me of the old Southwest Air, or PSA. At $150, it wasn’t cheap, but it was on time and a well delivered product.

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