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JetBlue Amex Signup Bonus Is Now 20,000 Points (There Are Actually a Few Good Ways to Use That)

JetBlue American Express Application (Not an affiliate link)

The JetBlue American Express card, which I’ve previously described as useless, has doubled its signup bonus to 20,000 TrueBlue points after $1,000 spend in 3 months. First year is free, and it’s $40 thereafter.

What do 20,000 TrueBlue points get you? I was wondering the same thing myself. Their program redemptions are based on distance (roughly), and you can redeem for one-way awards.

Short flights start at 5,000 points (think JFK-Burlington).
Mid-length flights (say, JFK-Austin) are 8,100 points each way.
Long-haul flights (JFK-LAX, for example) are 11,000 points each way

So basically within the US, you can get 2 free short-haul flights (eh) or almost a transcon flight (throw another $1,000 on the card and that flight is free).

The value gets more interesting if you use the points to head to the Caribbean. For example:

JFK-San Juan is 9,600 points each way.
JFK-San Jose, Costa Rica is a ridiculous 14,000 points each way, because there are no nonstops from New York – like Avios, they add up the different legs on a connection.
JFK-Cartagena, though, is just 8,200 points each way (perhaps the biggest steal in the program, because only Jetblue flies nonstop to Cartagena from New York).

You get the point – if you’re looking for a free flight to the Caribbean, this can represent a pretty good value – just check your potential destination on Aruba is 11,500 points while Turks & Caicos is 9,900. It may make a difference where you end up going.

(Oh wait – you thought I was just going to tell you that the Ink Bold lowered its threshold to $5,000 like every other blog out there? Pshah, give me some credit – I already mentioned it last week….who else is talking about the JetBlue card today?)

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  1. I found that Jet Blue points can be used to book flights on Hawaiian Airlines, but the prices are not very good. Round trip from HNL to OGG would be between 13K and 14K round trip, or $149 if paid. This card does not seem like a good deal to me.

  2. Do you know if you can get the JetBlue AmEx sign-up bonus more than once, and if so, how long needs to have passed between your prior approval (or cancellation) and current application? Thanks!

    • I believe you can get the SPG Amex bonus again after 24 months (after cancelation). I don’t know about JetBlue. However, I believe Amex will give you the difference between there’re bonus and the higher bonus if you reapply. (But I’m not 100% sure on that).

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