Wednesday Roundup (Transvestite Flight Attendant Edition)

- Thailand’s PC Air, which made a few headlines by hiring transvestite flight attendants, shut down after, shockingly, it discovered that the cross-dressed cabin staff weren’t enough of a draw to keep the airline afloat. They stranded a planeful of passengers in Seoul. (Sure, read those other blogs for more credit card links, but who else is going to share transvestite airline news with you? The Points Guy? C’mon!)

- A Lufthansa 747 flying from Newark to Frankfurt made an unscheduled stop in Dublin earlier this week after the first officer suffered from a migraine and was unable to fly. An off-duty 767 pilot from another airline who happened to be on the flight co-piloted the plane to Dublin airport.

- A Southwest Airlines flight attendant working a trip from Oklahoma City to Las Vegas tripped over the leg of a passenger who had placed said leg in the aisle of the plane, and had to stop working because of the pain. Moral: get your leg out of the aisle (my bigger issue is my shoulder in the aisle, which occurs because I’m trying to scootch away from the person in the middle seat, so I move a bit toward the aisle, where my shoulder is repeatedly hit by the beverage cart.)

- Hawaiian Airlines has $452 roundtrip fares from New York to Honolulu for travel January 8 – March 6.



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