And Here’s How You Run a Scam with the Vanilla Reload

I know I promised not to write about the Vanilla Reload card unless I had something unique…well, here ya go:

Someone (probably a Flyertalk member – ha) called up a Circle M gas station down in Oconee, Georgia and says she is calling from the “corporate office” and asks the clerk to read off the numbers of 4 Vanilla Reload cards. The clerk complies. The person from the “corporate office” then asks the clerk to activate the cards for $500 each. The clerk complies and the caller hangs up.

The clerk then calls Vanilla Reload to make sure the activation went through, and discovers at that point that no one from the “corporate office” would call to activate cards and they have been scammed.

And that is how you get $2,000 worth of reload cards for free.

(Details, such as they are, here).


  1. At which point, Incomm determines if they’ve been used and if so, where they were loaded and contacts law enforcement with the info. If not, they get deactivated. Or they have some other “trap the scammer” process.

  2. If you time it well, you could load up the funds then buy something online a few seconds later, hmmmm

  3. another way to scam is by calling from loan company saying that his/her is approved and he/she needs to show that he repay back the loan amount by showing the first month installment by putting money on his/her VR card. ask for the pin number to check whether that much amount is there or no and then disappear….. :oops: :oops:

    • Yes! I have a lot of those guys with foreign accents calling me telling me ive been approved and I need to go out and buy this card. They call from all types of numbers giving names like: Jim Jones. Mike Robinson, etc.