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I Swear I’m Not Complaining…

I’m on a United 777-200 heading to Amsterdam from Dulles and incredibly (after a missed connection story I won’t bore you with) my upgrade cleared.

I’m a Continental guy, so I haven’t experienced the full range of United aircraft yet. This is my first time in Business on a UA 777-200 and – again, I’m not complaining, I’m just pointing out – I do find it odd that Biz is laid out in a 2-4-2 configuration. I’m in that middle 4 and it is a little strange to be this close to 2 other people in this cabin.

Also I’m facing backwards.

The seats are lie-flat and perfectly comfortable, but I think if I had actually paid the $7000 this flight costs, and I were in a middle seat facing backwards, I might have a gripe or two with my situation.

And while I did not pay that, and I am beyond happy that I am not sitting in the back (though, really, is it such a big deal? I remember when I was just happy to be going to Europe) this is backwards thing is a new experience.

Carry on.

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  1. Although being in a middle seat sucks, I prefer to fly backwards. When in flight, you’re in a slight head above feet bed position which is preferable to me.

    • We haven’t departed yet, so I hope I also prefer to fly backwards.

      It’s by no means uncomfortable – the seat seems wide enough, it’s just a little strange being in a middle seat – it just gives it a cramped feeling, even if the seat is actually ok.

      It doesn’t help that my neighbor is 6’2″ and probably 275 pounds.

  2. I sat with my wife on on the 2 seat row facing economy premium which I could see right thru the curtain. I felt guilty weirdly enough (first time in business) ever. I used miles but man you had a upgrade I guess to a noob like me that is amazing.

    • Really – I’m not complaining. But I’ve never been cramped in business class like I feel right this moment. I like what Gary writes below – “dorm style.”

  3. I’ve never minded backwards on BA. But the 4-across dorm-style business class isn’t much to my liking.

  4. I love how hilariously contrarian you are in your posts.

  5. The next time you are in row 46 in the last row in a middle seat next to the lav think about the horrors of a lie flat seat facing backward in biz. (happy birthday)

  6. Jared,
    Is it common to get complementary upgrades on international travel? I didn’t know that was possible.

  7. Keep in mind that for United their Biz class is an integral part of their Mileageplus product more so than it is actually a premium product. Unlike most other airlines a significant if not major portion of seats in biz at any one time are upgrades or miles tickets.

    It is also one of the weakest biz products out there. In the middle seats (or window) you cannot get out without disturbing your neighbor.

    • That’s certainly true for domestic, but less so for for international, where many biz class seats are paid for (often at discounted corporate rates, but paid for nonetheless). Mileage upgrades now cost $450 per segment (in addition to miles). Only 1K get a limited number of free upgrades. Of course, you can purchase the flights using miles, but that can be quite expensive miles-wise: my upcoming flight would cost 250,000 miles + $44. Looks like I’ll be slumming it in coach.

  8. United’s business class is underrated. Depending on the crew (which can be an issues) it can very from an ok to really great flight. It’s one of the best business class products to Europe (much better than LH or LOT in Star).

    Seat and IFE are fantastic. Food can be great to inedible.

    Enjoy the ride and try to get into a Window seat next time.

    Backwards IS better :)

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