Guy Flies 1 Million Miles This Year on United

In what is believed to be a first, a guy named Tom Stuker flew 1 million butt-in-seat miles on United this year. You may remember him from last year when he was recognized as being the first person to fly 10 million miles on United. He apparently travels to Asia and Australia frequently as a seller of automobile parts.

I think, however, that the true hero of this story is his admin, who must spend and unbelievable amount of time filling out expense reports. United should send out a press release thanking that person…

(UPDATE: Stuker has a reality show launching early next year on Spike called Car Lot Rescue…I imagine the United press release was part of the early publicity…)

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  1. I hate to rain on this guy’s parade, but I’m intrigued by the reason he flies so much. This is more than 1 roundtrip transpac flight a week. I’m a UA 1K, so I’m not exactly adverse to flying, but why would anyone need/want to fly that much? Wouldn’t/Couldn’t you organize your schedule to fly more efficiently? And wouldn’t that be good for your business/personal life, etc?

  2. There is no way this guy is productive, he clearly just likes sitting on airplanes. Assuming on average every 500 miles in the air takes 1 hour (which is an “at best” assumption) he spent 2,000 hours in the air. Assume now a 240 working days in the year, that means 8.33 hours per day on a plane. There is no way anyone needs to or is more productive in their life flying over 8 hours per working day. It probably means he is travelling 10-12 hours a day when you add in all the padding. Pretty stupid really, but it’s great free publicity for UAL. Either his family or his work or both are suffering as a result

  3. Yes, thats 50 trips to Australia in a year…. or maybe 70 to Asia and Australia. who could possibly need to go every week? why not hire someone there? this cannot make sense for his company.

  4. I agree with all the other guys here. That Tom guy can’t be productive at all.

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