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Targeted Offer: US Airways Offering 5X Bonus Miles on Groceries, Movies and Utilities

My wife received this targeted offer from US Airways for her US Airways credit card:

They’ll give her 5 bonus miles for every dollar spent at grocery stores, movie theaters, and utility payments for the period of January 1-March 31st. Those 5 bonus miles are on top of the regular 1 mile per dollar (ie, you’ll get 6 miles per dollar in those categories). You can earn a maximum of 5,000 bonus miles.

As I said, this is targeted (she received the offer, I did not), and you need to register by January 20th to be enrolled in the offer.

I already use my Amex Blue Cash Preferred for groceries because it earns 6% cash back, so I won’t use it for that. My movie theater spend is pretty negligible. I earn 5X on phone, cable and Internet already through the Ink Bold card. I guess I’ll switch my auto-payments on my gas/electric and take the points (assuming I can remember how I actually change the credit card on that auto-pay).

US Airways has been doing these targeted offers seemingly every quarter, and it has definitely influenced my spend (I’m currently putting all my restaurant spend on my US Airways card because of a 5X offer they had for this quarter). As credit card companies get smarter about customer data, I imagine we’ll see more of this.

(I would put in a screenshot of the mail they sent me but in my eagerness/frustration I ripped the self-mailer while trying to open it).

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  1. My wife received a similar offer, but for 10 miles per $1 spent! :shock:

    She’ll switch to this card for the next few weeks until she hits the cap of 5000 miles. It’ll take us maybe 4 weeks to hit $500 in grocery spend (we spend about $100 per week). I’m very happy she was targeted, but I’m disappointed that the cap is so low.

  2. Any clue, guess, random thought as to what causes them to target you? I was targeted for the last two category spend bonuses and my husband as well for the one that just ended in Dec. Neither one of us received this newest one beginning now. Disappointing and am curious as to why.

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